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First Time in Madrid. First Place in Madrid: Mercado de San Miguel

The First Time in Madrid. The First Place in Madrid: Mercado de San Miguel

Do you remember your first day in Madrid? If yes, do you remember where did you go? Yeah, sure: Puerta Del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Museo Del Prado, Royal Palace… There are so many recommended places which you can find in tourist guides, Internet, rankings in magazines, etc. However, the most interesting places (to my mind) are those which you discover after days, weeks, sometimes months living in a city.

Madrid! Beautiful city! I wish I took a picture of every interesting “non-touristic” place where I’ve been here! But I will! And share! Promise! At least some of them!

This will be soon! And todayI’ll share with you quite a popular place. However, I’ve never seen it in any Madrid guides: Mercado de San Miguel.


What is it? It’s difficult to describe it in one word: market, cafe, bar, restaurant, shop, a great place for trying new tastes you’ve never tried before, a cool place for pre-party… A  long story short, it’s a place I just love!

Ok, some details. It’s a Market of San Miguel, located at the Plaza de San Miguel, about 20 meters from Plaza Mayor. It’s open Mon – Thur 10 a.m.-0.00 a.m., Fri – Sun 10 a.m.-2 a.m.

Anytime you go there during the day you will not find a place to sit; anytime you go there during the night you will not find a place to stand!

mercado de san miguel spain 80

I remember when I came there first time. I met my friends right near the entrance and thought I’m in a huge bar called Mercado de San Miguel. Surprisingly, after I had one beer and walked few more meters I found people selling fruits, vegetables, cheese, sweets… A few more steps and I saw paella and sangria sampling. After passing by all those people eating paella and admiring its taste, I found a souvenir store with magnets, post cards, books and even bags. At the next place you can try all the types of cocktails and coffee you can imagine! Everything in one place!

Next time I came there I bought sushi (somehow, the salesperson was a Russian guy, so I got a small discount 🙂 ). Also, there is a stand with Italian food.  As you can see, the experience in Mercado de San Miguel is not entirely Spanish.

Don't eat these oysters! Mercado de San Miguel, MadridThe other day my friends tried oysters there. However, it’s the only thing I would NOT recommend you (at least at the place near the left exit where they only have oysters, so you will recognize it simply). But there are many good places where you can try good seafood. At one of them I took some strange thing to look closer. But the salesperson  immediately asked me to put it back. As I found out later, the price per kilo of these “things” was 220 EUR. I hope they are tasty coz they don’t look like 🙂 It were “goose barnacles”. But don’t worry, there are plenty of delicious tapas  which are 1-2 EUR each.

“Goose barnacles”. Mercado de San Miguel

Oh, almost forgot! Another MUST TRY at the Mercado de San Miguel: local vermouth and at least one of the many types of olives!!! Sooo delicious!!! It’s at La Hora Del Vermut.

madrid-olives-at-mercado-de-san-miguel vermouth with olives

If you want to find more pictures, facts, news from this place, you can visit Official Blog of Mercado de San Miguel

Ok, I hope you found something interesting here and will “follow” and “like” my blog! Wait for my next post this week 😉





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